[v2,0/3] batman-adv: routeable multicast preparations

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Linus L├╝ssing May 7, 2019, 3:48 a.m. UTC
  This patchset provides some code restructuring in preparation for the
support of routeable multicast addresses.

The first one adds a slightly cleaner separation of fetching and
updating. And by that allows shortening the newly introduced spin-lock.

The second one swaps the kernel MAC multicast list with the equivalent
IPv4 and IPv6 ones: This allows an easier filtering later.

Finally patch 3 is a first application of such filtering and allows
omitting some redundant address additions to the TT. Later, the same
will be necessary for routeable multicast addresses.


Changelog v2: 

* rebased to master
* removed already applied patch
  ("batman-adv: mcast: fix multicast tt/tvlv worker locking")
* split patchset in two with the intention to ease reviewing
  (no code changes, just omitted the last two patches)

* kerneldoc: alignment for batadv_mcast_mla_flags_update()
  [PATCH 2/6] / [PATCH v2 1/3]
* fixed compile issues due to a duplicated member in struct batadv_priv_mcast
  [PATCH 2/6] / [PATCH v2 1/3]
* kerneldoc: added missing @flags for batadv_mcast_mla_flags_update()
  [PATCH 2/6] / [PATCH v2 1/3]
* kerneldoc: @flags -> @tvlv_flags in struct batadv_mcast_mla_flags
  [PATCH 2/6] / [PATCH v2 1/3]