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[3/6] batman-adv: Switch to kstrtox.h for kstrtou64

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Simon Wunderlich Aug. 19, 2021, 3:33 p.m. UTC
From: Sven Eckelmann <sven@narfation.org>

The commit 4c52729377ea ("kernel.h: split out kstrtox() and simple_strtox()
to a separate header") moved the kstrtou64 function to a new header called

Signed-off-by: Sven Eckelmann <sven@narfation.org>
Signed-off-by: Simon Wunderlich <sw@simonwunderlich.de>
 net/batman-adv/gateway_common.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff mbox series


diff --git a/net/batman-adv/gateway_common.c b/net/batman-adv/gateway_common.c
index fdde305a198e..9349c76f30c5 100644
--- a/net/batman-adv/gateway_common.c
+++ b/net/batman-adv/gateway_common.c
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ 
 #include <linux/atomic.h>
 #include <linux/byteorder/generic.h>
 #include <linux/errno.h>
-#include <linux/kernel.h>
+#include <linux/kstrtox.h>
 #include <linux/limits.h>
 #include <linux/math64.h>
 #include <linux/netdevice.h>